Looking at her full wardrobe she said, "I have nothing to wear !!! "

Take 15 minutes and 7 steps to change that.                                                        

 September 2016


You are running late, you realise you need to find the same trousers or jeans you wore yesterday, you find a new top and grab the shoes closest to you, then you know exactly what I am about to say- its not through lack of imagination but rather time, either as a mom or career woman finding time to organise work or child arrangements this is easy although time consuming, and yet we find this a lot easier than finding a little time to put a few items of clothing together that we know would make us feel more confident, less boring in style and probably turn a few heads reminding us we are still gorgeous and attempted to look our best that day.


Easier said than done but here is a suggestion instead of starting the day feeling bored with what we are wearing, or trying to put an outfit together in under 5 minutes that in our heads we thought would look rather good but in actuality looks like we have muddled a few things together, why not once a week put two or if you are lucky three outfits together in our wardrobe that we have actually tried and know looks fabulous. You may ask why take the time? 


Well apart from all the reasons previously stated and I can assure your taking time for your self does not make you a bad mom or a selfish individual as pointed out in the recent movie " Bad Moms" but rather because,  what if you deserved to be the best you can be and to feel what it feels like to look good. So start with these Seven simple steps and see what an impact this will make on your self-esteem, your confidence and general disposition. You may actually like it and others might too, you may have some surprising reactions;


Step one: Decide to do this for all the right reasons - no guilt ladies.

Step two: Decide which items are your favorite in your wardrobe, maybe a pair of trousers that fit well or you feel good in.

Step three: Layer this with the next items that would work with this item but not the most comfortable or obvious choice but rather think about the  look that would make  the trousers or item even better.

Step four: Accessorize - I mean a watch , a bangle to earrings .....what will soften or give the look an energy about it.

Step five: Put everything  on together and see the finished look - happy then take a selfie if you think you will forget.

Step six: Put everything on a hanger and ready for when you need to grab it

Step seven: when you wear this outfit take it one step futher and go the extra mile, lipstick, hair what ever else makes you realise you have made an effort to out this together then this is the symbolic gesture that says I have put the time in to look beautiful - see me.


I can assure you the children will notice, our partners will appreciate it, our colleagues and friends  will compliment us but most importantly we will feel and look good and with that, those busy days will feel slightly lighter, slightly more calming and more extro-ordinary. Life is for living and taking the time however superficial this may appear can actually be a few steps from being the best you can be not just on  the outside but on the inside.



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