Takes on average a full day but truely depends on the size of your wardrobe.


It is about making changes that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to call us to understand how the day will go. The most important part of a Wardrobe Sort is the desire to want a change; a more organised approach to the way you show yourself to the world.


Be prepared to let go of things that dont show you in the best light, be open to seeing what works for you and be prepared to focus on finding the items you need. Wardrobe Sorts are about taking what you have and making it work just for you.


Benefits of having a Peronal Style Wardrobe Sort:


  • This is a chance to get an unbiased second opinion without judgement making sure every piece of item in your wardrobe is working to make you feel amazing on the outside as well as on the inside.
  • De-clutter /Detox what ever you call it instead of looking at a full wardrobe and saying " I have nothing to wear" you will know exactly what you have,  where it is and how to put it all together.
  • This idea of feeling pure joy when looking at your wardrobe may seem a difficult path but once you start to realise which items make you happy, you will feel empowered to release the items that do not.
  • Recycle, alter, sell or give to charity - your items have the potential to be reused, sold, altered or given to charity so nothing goes to waste. 
  • Finding  a style that works for you gives you one of the most ultimate satisfaction -  Self Confidence. Confidence to wear it and confidence to make it look good. 
  • Last and final thing to consider "if not now, When" 


Suitable for Men & Woman


From £350.00


Please feel free to contact us to discuss & remember this makes a wonderful gift and vouchers can be provided.


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